Copyright Registration in Mexico.

We obtain registration and legal protection for all types of works — literary, musical, dramatic, illustrated, radio, television, publishing, photography, design and computer programs — and defend their authors against any violation of their rights.

In keeping with Mexican Law, the copyright is protected for original intellectual creations without the need for registration. The author has two types of rights: Moral and Patrimonial rights.

The moral rights include the guarantee of authorship and that of opposing any deformation, mutilation or change of the copyrighted work without authorization. These moral rights are non transferrable.

Patrimonial rights are used to reproduce the work for profit.

Copyright protection may be obtained for the following works: Literary; scientific, technical and legal; musical, with or without lyrics; dance, choreographic and pantomime; illustrated, drawings, engravings and prints; sculptures and plastics; architectural; photographic, cinematographic, radio and television; computer programs; the title of periodicals, magazines, television and radio programs.

Our services in this field include:

  • Obtaining copyright registrations in Mexico and other countries
  • Offering copyright infringement legal opinions.
  • Submitting copyright applications in the Mexican Copyright Office.
  • Drafting agreements involving copyrights.